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LeAnne Rimes Is "Single White Female-ing Me": Eddie Cibrian's Ex

Singer wants life of beau's former wife, the scorned ex claims



    Eddie Cibrian's ex wife Brandi Glanville told Us Weekly that LeAnn Rimes, who had an affair with Cibrian, "is a stalker," and that "she refuses to leave us alone."

    The ex-wife of actor Eddie Cibrian said LeAnne Rimes stole her man -- and claims now she wants to take over her life.

    "Honestly, she's Single White Female-ing me," scorned ex Brandi Glanvilletold Usmagazine.com. "She wants my life. She wants my kids. She wants my husband."

    "She can have most of everything but just not my children or my family." 

    The former model, who filed for divorce from her hunky TV star hubby in August, said Rimes moved into her Hidden Hills neighborhood just one block from where her kids go to school so she could be closer to Cibrian, with whom she's involved.

    "There's no reason for a single woman to move to Calabasas," Glanville told E! News. "It's all families. There are no young people who live here by themselves. If they were living together, I would understand, but they're not." 

    Rimes, 26, also turned up at her son's school, she said.

    "She wanted until it was my turn to pick up the kids and pulled out in front of me, waved, threw me a peace sign and smiled," she told E. "Then she sent me a text saying, 'Just so you know I was doing a walk through of my new house.'"