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1950s Dining Style: The Skylight Shoppe

Lauren Scala checks out a brand new lunch spot that brings us back to the 1950s. »


Candy Corn Eats

Lauren Scala heads out in search of some of New York City's most unique candy corn themed eats. »


All About Aritzia

Lauren Scala checks out the brand new Fifth Avenue Aritzia store - and gets some new looks for spring. »


Way To Go Jennifer!

Jennifer Esposito opened a new bakery called Jennifer's Way that is heaven on earth for those with celiac disease. Lauren Scala tried out this gluten-free oasis. »


National Spaghetti Day

Lauren Scala helps New York Live celebrate National Spaghetti Day by twirling up three must-try pastas in the city. »


Raphael Miranda's Favorite Pancake Spot

To celebrate National Pancake Month, Lauren Scala heads to a favorite of NBC 4's Raphael Miranda: the Brownstone Diner and Pancake Factory. »


Artisanal's 3rd Annual Grilled Cheese Contest

Along with Rocco Dispirito and Dr. Ruth, Lauren Scala judges the 3rd Annual Artisanal Bistro Grilled Cheese Competition. »


Winter Comfort: Best Oatmeal Dishes in NYC

Oatmeal is one of the best winter breakfasts - high in fiber, low in fat and keeps you warm. It's also pretty good as dessert! Lauren Scala visits some of the city's most delicious oatmeal spots. »


Pea-Nutty Goodness

Peanut butter has been around a long time, but some of the nuttiest recipes are brand new. Lauren Scala checks out some of the most interesting in town. »

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