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Dispelled Rumor: Vogue Books 250 Models for Fashion's Night Out




    UPDATE: Straight from the halls of Conde Nast, friends, it turns out the rumor that Vogue had apparently hired a legion of willowy beauties to parade around fashion week just ain't true. We got a phone call this evening confirming the news -- please don't expect to see any models showing up at strategic points along the Fashion's Night Out route. (That is, at least, planned models.)

    The rumor all started with

    Imaginary Socialite, who reported that that Coco Rocha

    would be making an appearance at Nine West at a party co-hosted by

    Lucky Magazine

    , while

    Agyness Deyn


    Lily Cole

    will likely be at the


    flagship. Rocha's appearance was, Imaginary Socialite alleged, part of a larger strategy of Vogue's to hire 250 models to plant among the celebration. Well, like most of the rumors flying around the fashion world, this one is officially biting the dust.

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