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Um No: Leighton Meester



    El CDC declinó hacerle pruebas al menor, luego de determinar que la posibilidad de la infección por el virus es “extremadamente baja”.

    Leighton Meester had two things going for her last night: She was positively glowing and she was wearing an of-the-moment, under-the-radar designer. Unfortunately, the dress was kind of wearing her.

    We're all for starlets experimenting with less well-known talents, and in this case Prabal Gurung is a real talent with a lot of buzz. However, much like Becki Newton's ruffled look a couple of weeks back, it is extremely difficult to pull of a piece with an ornate flower expanding over your chest without looking, well, a little goofy. From the side, we'll admit, she looks perfectly chic -- but from the front, having no neck to speak of, she looks rather like someone pasted a big pinwheel-like flower on her.

    Then there's the shoes -- those little black ball-shaped adornments aren't taking away from the over-embellished effect.

    We should stress, we respect the design, color, and execution of most of the pieces involved in this ensemble -- it's just the whole package on a real-life person that's proving tough to untangle.