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Zara's Lookbook Takes Styling Tips from Alexander Wang



    Zara / Getty Images

    The first blushes of Zara's Spring 2010 campaign are out, and while the clothes are worth a second look, it's the hair that caught our eye.

    While Alexander Wang's Spring 2010 collection was certainly dazzling in a number of ways -- the underpinning-baring dresses, the cheerleader-inspired sweats -- the long, loosely-done braids that the models rocked on the runways was undoubtedly the most obsessed-over element of the show.

    We've seen the look already on a handful of seriously cool-looking gals on the street, but you know you've got spring's most have-to-have-it look when trend-focused Zara is imitating you in its major campaign for the season. We're practicing our braiding skills already.