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Tyra Banks to Author Trilogy About Models in Make-Believe Land




    Tyra Banks has worked her supermodel status to become a talk show host, a TV star, and soon, the author of a fantasy series of young adult books based on, you guessed it, models.

    According to Delacorte Press, the publisher of the series, Modelland (yes, that's the actual title), follows the adventures of a young girl in "a make-believe society" who enrolls at a school for "Intoxibellas, the most exceptional models known to humankind." In typical Tyra fashion, there are not only fantastically imagined words ("intoxibellas"?), there are also lessons on the nature of beauty, which the books promise to reveal. Essentially, it sounds like a tween combination of Harry Potter and X-Men, with a dash of Avatar. And if it's got any more of Tyra's ever-expanding lexicon of words like "smize," we can't wait to read it.