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Talbots Overhauls its Image for Fall, with Help from Linda Evangelista





    The face of supermodel Linda Evangelista signals progress for Talbots massive about-face as it overhauls stores, styles and business as usual.

    Just shy of its senior citizen years, the 61-year-old retailer has made tremendous headway in its agressive attempts to shed the skin of its matronly aesthetic in order to boost sales. Over the course of the past three years, apparel has been tweaked to include more contemporary tailoring and slightly trend-forward looks, and next up will be the chain's first major denim collection, encompassing 10 fits in 12 washes.

    Talbots president and CEO Trudy F. Sullivan defined it as "Talbots' moment of profound change," to WWD, revealing some of the revamps had not been totally well received by their most conservative fans (no surprise -- just look at that showy leopard print!), but hinted new interest in the latest updates might make up for it. That said, it will be interesting to see where the transformation leads, and whether the company will be able to stay true to its original consumer base, as it has vowed it would throughout.