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New Tour DVD Offers Glimpse of Thierry Mugler and Beyonce Working Together




    It was big news when fashion designer Thierry Mugler agreed to create Beyonce's over-the-top stage ensembles for her "I Am World" tour. Now, a new DVD of the show, complete with 25 extra minutes of behind-the-scenes footage, offers a rare peek at Beyonce and Mugler working together on some extremely uncomfortable-looking attire.

    Beyonce purportedly tapped Mugler after seeing his chrome bodysuits at the Met Gala: "The second I saw those clothes I could just see Sasha Fierce, and I was so thrilled when we flew to Paris and he took a meeting with us."

    Mugler's gorgeous creations turned out to be tough for Beyonce to dance in, so her mother, TIna Knowles, personally adapted the garments to the survive through 110 performances. "What takes people eight months takes them one day, it's unreal," Beyonce says while a glittering gold confection gets "tweaked" by Mrs. Knowles. It definitely requires an unusual confidence to mess with Mugler couture.