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Kiton's CIPA 1960 Gives Designer Menswear Fans a Lower-Priced Alternative




    One recession-related benefit has been a smattering of collections by designers for less-than-normal prices. Menswear gets its turn this season with Kiton's CIPA 1960 line available exlcusively at Bergdorf's

    Speaking to the poor economy's dent in the apparel business, especially among men for whom shopping may not be as much of an unconditional love, Bergdorf Goodman seeks to bring back their male shoppers with a new, reasonably priced line. 

    While the superior tailoring remains the same across all Kiton's product, the CIPA line will feature more everyday materials like wool and linen in place of, say, cashmere. The price tags aren't exactly low-priced, but they certainly are lower: Suits will retail around $5,500, as opposed to the classic collection's $8,000 price tag, while handmade shirts go for $495 and ties for $250, as opposed to their signature collection counterparts, which go for as high as $1,000. 

    The silhouette was also sexed up a smidge, according to reps, and they think that the modern man will take notice of both price and look.  We'd have to agree, though we were more thinking of snapping up the handmade shirts for ourselves.