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Melissa x Gaetano Create Futuristic-Looking Customizable Booties




    As if the result of Melissa's recent collaboration with architect Gaetano Pesce wasn't eye-catching enough, you can actually take the design one step further by adding your own custom touches. With a few simple snips, wearers can alter the Melissa x Gaetano shoe into one of seven various styles.

    The shiny and avant-garde plastic footwear—which the Brazilian footwear brand Melissa is already well known for—features an open pattern of interlocking bubble-like discs in a range of playful colors from cream and clear to red, black and teal. While the kicks will definitely appeal to a niche market, who can't say bubbly plastic booties in rainbow colors aren't a playful nod to old-school summer jellies?

    The boots are currently scheduled for an October release date.