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Local Shoppers Mixed on Whether They're Less Inclined to Shop Dior After Galliano Scandal




    As analysts speculate on what effect (if any) the Galliano scandal will have on Dior, shoppers outside the brand's 57th Street flagship offered mixed opinions on whether the events will affect their buying habits.

    The Feast New York braved chilly temperatures to ask a slew of passersby whether or not they'd be less inclined to shop Dior following the epic fall of its lead designer, and the takeaways were rather interesting: Shoppers who had a pretty firm grasp of the brand and who had shopped Dior in the past seemed satisfied by the brand's handling of the situation (read: he was fired) and insisted they'd shop the brand going forward. Those who weren't really Dior shoppers anyway seemed only more convinced that they shouldn't shop there going forward. [The Feast New York]