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Rodarte's Laura Mulleavy Says She Doesn't Wear Her Own Designs




    In just five short years, Rodarte has gone from being Laura and Kate Mulleavy's small-scale art project to an award-winning, cult-favorite label with a globally-reconized name. Still, the sisters Mulleavy remain tentative outsiders to the often chummy world of fashion, making them a rather elusive pair.

    Laura Mulleavy (pictured above right) recently stopped by the Opening Ceremony offices (was it perhaps to discuss the forthcoming Rodarte x OC collaboration for next spring, we wonder?), where she talked about this season's collection, the "traumatic" month-long search for the first button she and sister Kate had to use in one of their designs, creating the costumes for Darren Aronofsky's ballet film "Black Swan," and designing without a muse. Of all Mulleavy's funny, unexpected and curious answers, we were most surprised by the fact that she doesn't wear Rodarte herself: "No. Not once. I think that would be very weird. I probably wouldn't wear any of the stuff I make," she said. 

    Read the full interview here.