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Fergie's Fragrance is an Avon Best Seller; Says She'd "Possibly" Launch Fashion Line




    Black Eyed Peas front woman Fergie is responsible for the "single largest fragrance [launch]" in Avon history, CEO Andrea Jung told WWD, so it's only fitting she'd go at it again—the singer is set to launch Outspoken Intense this summer.

    Described as a fruity floral, Fergie likened its aura to the pre-performance rush she gets every time. In talking to editors about her plans beyond beauty products, the singer was candid in discussing her closet-purging ritual with WWD: "I’m going, ‘This is Gaultier. Why is this in the back of my closet folded up in a corner?"

    She also discussed the possibility of her launching her own fashion line, though her answer left things a bit open-ended:

    "Possibly. You never know. It’s all about expression... I would need time to focus, because I get a little obsessed.”

    Considering the range of musicians who have been launching clothing labels -- from early trailblazer Gwen Stefani's L.A.M.B. to Justin Timberlake's co-creating of William Rast and Madonna's Material Girl -- it's unlikely that a fashion line isn't at least on the list of strong possibles for the singer.