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Clippings: When the Temperature Rises, So Does Retail




    Call it a heat-induced shopping spree. While higher temperatures usually necessitate less clothing, according to WWD, stores along the Eastern US are experiencing a noticeable bump in both traffic and sales. [WWD]

    If you're trying to keep spending at bay, exercise your craftiness with Erica Domesek's airy, easy-to-make macrame necklace (on these hot days you'll wish you had an entire dress made like this). [P.S. I Made This]

    We're as gaga for the start of Mad Men as the next fanatic. Here, the show's wardrobe maven lets us in on what to expect for season 4. [Glamour

    Kate Moss is the latest cool face behind cooler-than-cool designer Isabel Marant's Fall 2010 ad campaign. We wonder who's doing who the favor here. [Fashion Gone Rogue]