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Betsey Johnson's Blowout Birthday Bash

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Betsey Johnson's Blowout Birthday Bash

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Betsey Johnson's 68th birthday bash was both pink and jam-packed, with the ebullient designer at the center of it all, talking shop and plastic surgery. The scenario was like a replay of the recent Material Girl launch at Macy's: platinum blonde impersonators, cameraphones galore and pink carpets ushering in the hordes of tweens, tourists and tricked-out dudes in "BOYS HEART B.J." tanks.

The Thread caught Ms. Johnson for a few moments.

THREAD NY: Happy Birthday! How does it feel?

BETSEY JOHNSON: Very great and very sad…I’d rather 68 be 48!

TNY: You look great for 68, what's your secret?

BJ: My family, my grandkids, my plastic surgeon, my boyfriend, and my happy work life!

TNY: What's the most significant change to the fashion industry—specifically the New York industry—since you started?

BJ: The sad reality that we have to work so much off shore to produce our goods…and the wonderfully severe competition of those huge H&Ms, Forever 21s, and Top Shops that do great stuff at great prices, that never existed before.

TNY: What are you most excited about for fall?
BJ: I’m looking forward to my vacation after the show!

TNY: Are you looking forward to fashion week?
BJ: I’m looking forward to my vacation after the show! ☺

TNY: What's next for New York fashion?

BJ: Who knows! That’s the fun of it!

TNY: What's next for Betsey Johnson?

BJ: 68 more years I hope!


Here's to many more cartwheels. Happy Birthday, Betsey!

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