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Rag & Bone Gets Tagged

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Rag & Bone Gets Tagged

Spotted this morning: Less than a month after opening, Rag & Bone's newest installation on Elizabeth and Houston gets the tag treatment.

The womenswear shop, which quickly took over the corner space formerly occupied by the favored haunt Cafe Colonial, offered a tribute to the shuttered restaurant with a painted exterior wall that read: "Rag & Bone bids farewell to Cafe Colonial, a neighborhood landmark."

Now, as a somewhat esoteric response to the offering, someone has scrawled, "You would" under the original text. It's unclear what the meaning is exactly, but we assume it to be a snide comeback to what might have been read as a disingenuous form of neighborhood outreach.

Something tells us this this going to get whitewashed pretty swiftly. Until then, the writing's on the wall—and it's up for interpretation.

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