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Kate Gosselin Wig Already Top Halloween Costume



    No, it's not too early to start shopping for the perfect Halloween costume, and stores are already getting in stock for 2009. The top pick so far? A blond wig that perfectly represents the bizarrely sculpted, asymmetrical wonder that is Kate Gosselin's hairdo.

    Much like the Amy Winehouse wig of 2007 or the Sarah Palin glasses of 2008, the Kate Gosselin wig of 2009 is the perfect one-hit wonder costume -- throw it on and you're instantly transformed by its singularly recognizable look. Thank you, HuffPo, for pointing us in the direction of this pitch-perfect option available for pre-order on Best Costumes for a mere $12.99 (dig the wig's title: "Eight is Too Much"!)

    If you really want to go for the whole look, however, we'd recommend Gosselin's trademark mom shorts, colorful tee, and sandals -- or else a camera-friendly sundress and big sandals.