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Hanes is Sending a High Schooler to Everest




    We have a love/hate relationship with our high school years, but then again, like some student from North Carolina, we didn't get to represent Hanes as a brand ambassador on a three-week excursion to Kathmandu and up to Mount Everest with a climbing team.

    Yes, it's true, Hanesbrand Expeditions will send one to-be-determined teenager from Carver High School in Winston-Salem (with a school chaperone and parent/guardian, of course) to explore the base camp at Everest and Nepal's capital city in a cultural expedition with the earnest aim to educate young people on how to achieve their goals. Best of all, th e entire journey will be documented on the Hanesbrand Expeditions site,

    Alas, there are no plans yet to send anyone to Paris Fashion Week or to work for Isabel Marant for a year -- these would, of course, be our goals. We'll be interested to see how the project will play out for the Hanes brand -- we can only imagine the student will be wearing plenty of Hanes brand products under all his snow gear.