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Future Chic: Calvin Klein's USB Sunglasses for Fall



    Just as summer ends, we settle down to talk shop in the eyewear world.  Calvin Klein's new retro-looking sunnies have a USB connection built right into the frame, which might actually make them more like back-to-the-future chic. The sunglasses will be available come October in three different colors, and will retail for $199.

    Thankfully, it appears as though Calvin Klein's 4 GB USB port works only by detaching the arm of the sunglasses, therefore preempting the threat of a sunglasses-inside-and-at-night trend for fall, yet we still see potential for some geeking out when it comes to the shades' data storing capabilities.  We're all for the groovy gadgets hidden within our accessories, and the shades will certainly coordinate with the Thomas Pink Commuter Tie we so love.