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Lonely Hearts Club Bag? Commes des Garcons Teams Up with the Beatles




    Every day, the Thread comes this close to denouncing the growing ubiquity of collaborations, from the ho-hum to the far-out, but then we're blown away, yet again.  The latest culprit: Commes des Garcons forthcoming collection of handbags in conjunction with Apple Corps LTD, AKA the Beatles, hitting London and Tokyo in November.

    With details vague at the moment, our mind is wandering in limitless possibilities of what Rei Kawakubo and the folks behind the Beatles catalogue are cooking up: on the one hand, Beatles Bags sounds hokey, but with Kawakubo and the notoriously tightly reigned corporation leading the venture, it's got to be special.  Plus, we do know it's a long-term relationship, so there's more to come.  

    With Yoko Ono's recent alliance with threeasFOUR, the Fab Four's influence has really been felt in the fashion world lately - wonder what Stella McCartney thinks of all this.

    We'll be holding our breath for the next British Invasion to the US, which will hopefully follow shortly after London and Tokyo.