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Clippings: Epidemic Fashion Spread Edition

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Clippings: Epidemic Fashion Spread Edition

Vogue Italia via Refinery29

- Leave it to Vogue Italia to be the first use an epidemic (H1N1?) as a subject for a fashion editorial. [Refinery29]

- The Awl breaks down the price of a "homeless chic" mannequin at Bergdorf Goodman's men's section. The verdict? About $3,000. [The Awl]

- Reasons to hit up gay nightclubs more often: Apparently Fergie, Kylie Minogue, Marc Jacobs, and Lorenzo Martone all hit Club 57 on Halloween. [WWD]

- Cosmetics label Bliss just sold for a reported $100 million. No word yet on how this may change our monthly wax-and-manicure routines at Bliss spas here in the city. [StyleList]

- Time Inc. layoffs have begun in earnest, starting with Sports Illustrated. Rumor is the total number of layoffs will likely be between 400 adn 500 people. [New York Times]

- Tommy Hilfiger has tapped Milla Jovovich to design the next limited-edition Breast Health International bag for the label. [WWD]

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