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Because Everyone Must Have One, the Sartorialist Contemplates Clothing Line




    We love The Sartorialist and we love Scott Schuman, don't get us wrong.  However, when he hinted to Australia's Pedestrian TV there may be a Sartorialist-inspired clothing line and/or accessories line (to go along with a potential TV show), we could think only one thing: meh.

    Having created the wildly successful and really, genre-pioneering street style blog, The Sartorialist, Scott Schuman has caught on like wildfire for revealing in beauiful photography the painfully chic street-walkers the world over.  They're the ordinary people with extraordinary style whose everyday meanderings are outfitted too perfectly to have been professionally created, and The Sartorialist invented their forum for vehement adulation the Internet over. 

    But a clothing line? Really? Miley Cyrus for Wal-mart, expected, but The Sartorialist-brand threads? We're just not so sure.  Although Schuman demurs that, though the success of his recent book has set in motion a number of negotiations for new ventures, any clothing line/accessories line/television show/political office run are still very much in the preliminary stages.

    We'll keep you posted.