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Despite Wishful Thinking Rick Lazio's Still in the Race




    Suffice it to say we won't reveal our sources.  But some well placed NY republicans have been busy spreading rumors that Rick Lazio's campaign is folding because they're running out of cash.   One GOP insider aligned with Steve Levy's candidacy went so far as to say Lazio's campaign manager Kevin Fullington is quitting because he's not collecting a paycheck.  When we reached Kevin Fullington on the phone, he laughed out loud. (Apparently we weren't the first to ask about this rumor.)  Fullington insists that despite rivals who would like to see the Lazio campaign pack up and leave the race,  he is collecting a paycheck.  Fullington says he would not be working for free and has no plans to leave.  He also said the Lazio campaign just held its most successful fundraiser to date.