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On Last Weekend's Open House New York



    First, we go inside the the Horticulture Society of NY Dinner Dance where the theme is fire and ice and some talented designers show us their stunning tabletop designs (Watch video below). Next, broker Robert Dvorin takes us through his spectacular custom-designed Tribeca townhouse (Watch video below). Then, a couple shows us an exquisite six-story warehouse turned home in Tribeca that they designed together (Watch video below). Later, we tour a Westport waterfront home perfect for any season (Watch video above). Finally, interior designer Jill Vegas transforms a kitchen in just one day (Watch video here). Tune in!

    This episode of Open House was hosted from 402 East 90th Street, New York, NY. Please contact Michael Bartlett or Alexandra Gohari of Town Residential at 646-998-7448 or 646-998-7455. View the listing.

    Inside a Warehouse Turned Home

    [LXTVN] Designer Living: Inside a Warehouse Turned Home
    Ghislaine Vinas and Paige West worked together to design Paige's exquisite six-story 15,500 square foot warehouse turned home in tribeca. Paige's husband's company DDG Partners completed the conversion and Paige and Ghislaine took over decking out this home with some truly amazing design.
    (Published Tuesday, Aug. 23, 2011)