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On Last Weekend's Open House



    First, tour the the 2011 Kips Bay Show House with four talented interior designers (Watch video here). Next, be wowed by 23-foot high soaring ceilings in a glamourous contemporary home in Bel Air where modern design meets old world (Watch video below). Then, interior designer Lukas Machnik shows he uses avant-garde design in a client's home (Watch video below). Later, go inside a five-story glass townhouse with a floating marble staircase that will surely impress (Watch video below). Finally, watch interior designer Jill Vegas drastically transform a kitchen in just one day (Watch video above).

    This episode of Open House was hosted from 15 Madison Square North, New York, NY. For more information on this property, please contact Melanie Lazenby or Dina Lewis of Prudential Douglas Elliman. View the listing.

    One-Day Kitchen Makeover

    [LXTVN] The Rescue: One Day Kitchen Makeover
    Join interior designer Jill Vegas for a drastic kitchen makeover that she manages to complete in just one day. From new countertops to painted cabinet doors, Jill completes a total Kitchen transformation right before your eyes. This loft is for sale--for more information, please contact chelseasell@aol.com.

    Special thanks to: Interior designer Jill Vegas / 212-627-9402, Cabinet & Countertop designs / 800-436-8011, My Guy Appliance & Electronics, Ryan Cheresnick / ryancheresnick@gmail.com, Richard Tazzara / rtazzara@yahoo.com

    This episode of Open House was hosted from 402 East 90th Street, New York, NY. Please contact Michael Bartlett or Alexandra Gohari of Town Residential at 646-998-7448 or 646-998-7455. View the listing.

    (Published Friday, May 20, 2011)