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On Last Weekend's Open House



    First, interior designer Christopher Grubb shows us mid-century modern design and how to update this iconic style (Watch video below). Next, homeowner Dave Barta takes us through his beautiful 4 bedroom, 3.5 bath single family home in the Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago (Watch video below. Then, renowned interior designer Geoffrey Bradfield takes us through   Oscar winner Oliver Stone's pied-a-terre (Watch video above). Later, designer and builder Angie Thornbury takes us through her latest creation, a beautiful modern home perfect for a bachelor on the "Bird Streets" of Hollywood (Watch video below). Finally, we join Libby Langdon to make over her guest room in just one day (Watch video here).

    This episode of Open House was hosted from 28 E 10th St., New York, NY. For more information about this property, please contact Robert McCain and Kristina Wallison of Stribling at 212-475-2810. View the listing.

    Inside Oliver Stone's Pied-a-Terre

    [LXTVN] Designer Living: An Oscar Worthy Home
    Renowned interior designer Geoffrey Bradfield takes us through one of his client’s NYC pied-a-terre. And it’s not just any client, watch to find out which Oscar winner is living large on the Hudson.

    This episode of Open House was hosted from 80 Chambers St. For more information on this property please contact Bradley White or Robert Cabrera of Halstead Property, LLC at 212-381-2254 and 212-381-2281. View the listing.

    (Published Tuesday, Aug. 9, 2011)