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Three Lobed Records Announces Psychedelic Comp with Sonic Youth, Mouthus




    Psychedelic music gets a bad rap nowadays -- a decade-odd onslaught of Phish bootlegs has reduced it to a hazy, hippie punchline in pop culture. Even the beloved Flaming Lips happily cultivate the stereotypical eccentricity of the genre -- opaque lyrics, tie-dye light shows -- as much as they bring it into contemporary taste.

    But the Lips aren’t the only famous rockers to dip their toes in psychedelia -- and today, North Carolina cult label Three Lobed proved it with the announcement of not the spaces you know, but between them, their psych-rock box set pegged for summer 2011 release. It includes quite a few New York artists, including Sonic Youth (man, those guys are everywhere lately) and experimental duo Mouthus. Other artists include Philly’s folksy Bardo Pond, the now-defunct ‘80s punk experimentalists, Sun City Girls, and Santa Cruz noise rockers Comets on Fire.

    not the spaces you know, but between them includes four LPs and will be limited to an initial run of 700 copies. Its summer release (specific date TBD) fits nicely with Sonic Youth’s newly announced Williamsburg Waterfront gig.

    Ghoulish note: the title is lifted from a quote in the Necronomicon, a fictional tome frequently referenced in the writings of horror writer H.P. Lovecraft. It discussed the mystic rites, demons, and general pagan etymology. You know, just in case you thought they’d be singing about pink robots.

    not the spaces you know, but between them track listing:

    A1. Sun City Girls, "Wide World of Animals"
    A2. Sun City Girls, "Sangkala"
    A3. Sun City Girls, "Caravan"

    B1. Steve Gunn, "The Lurker" (extended)

    C1. Sonic Youth, "In & Out"
    C2. Sonic Youth, "Out & In"

    D1. Mouthus, "Cabled Away"
    D2. Mouthus, "Echo the Sun"

    E1. Comets on Fire, "2950 3rd St."

    F1. D. Charles Speer & The Helix, "Big, Big City"
    F2. D. Charles Speer & The Helix, "Shooting Star"
    F3. Wooden Wand, "Holed Up (Spooning with the Void)"
    F4. Wooden Wand, "Hall of Blame"
    F5. Wooden Wand, "Black Nikes"

    G1. Eternal Tapestry, "Doing Your Own Being"

    H1. Bardo Pond, "The Invisible Fire"