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Jermaine Dupri Mulls Reunion With Ex-Love Janet Jackson




    Hip hop mogul Jermaine Dupri and pop diva Janet Jackson called it quits last year. But the Grammy-winning producer revealed Wednesday night they could be back together soon -- in the studio.

    Spinning at Smirnoff’s "Subsessions: A Journey Through Hip Hop" party at Brooklyn’s New York Transit Museum, Dupri revealed to Niteside that he may pen a song for his ex-girlfriend as part of the soundtrack to her upcoming movie, "Why Did I Get Married Too."

    “I guess people can take that however they want to take that,” he said.

    While the potential collaboration may or may not be a reflection of their current relationship, Dupri insists the pair was never together just for show.

    “It’s not like something we was doing for fake. ‘Let me hold your hand right now because the camera’s out.’ It’s a real situation,” he said. “It’s like regular same s--- that everybody else go through.”

    Dupri said he’s now focusing on DJing, a hobby he flaunted to scores of attendees at the retro-themed event hosted by old-school hip hop star Biz Markie.

    Patrons waited in a line that snaked around the block to catch Dupri hold down the wheels of steel at a shindig that evoked hip hop’s gritty beginnings with drummers banging on buckets amidst a collection of vintage subway cars.

    Dupri recently collaborated with Weezer and has been listening to music that "feels like it's all about drugs, liquor, girls" such as The Darkness and Black Sabbath. He said wants to create more rock hits, but he plans to stay behind the boards as a producer and won’t be churning out any emo vocals anytime soon.

    “That’s what [Weezer frontman] Rivers [Cuomo] wanted me to do but I wouldn’t do it,” he said.