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NYC School Lunches Getting Healthier



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    CHICAGO - MARCH 20: Students at Nettelhorst Elementary School, on lunch, dig into a salad bar in the school's lunchroom March 20, 2006 in Chicago, Illinois. U.S. Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) stopped by the school to visit the new lunch program called, "Cool Foods," as part of the Healthy Schools Campaign. Nettelhorst is one of three Chicago public schools participating in the new lunch program offering salad bars. (Photo by Tim Boyle/Getty Images)

    Think back to your school lunches of yore -- what do you remember filling up on the styrofoam tray? Chicken fingers, burgers, pizza and other fast-food fare, right? The stuff that kinda left you with that unsettled greasy-tummy feeling that only a good runaround during recess could settle, probably?

    These days, the stuff being dished up in some New York City public school cafeterias is totally different than the kind you remember sitting over -- and it's a result of a revolution at least six years in the making here.

    The proof is in the salad bar (and vegetable garden, and fruit baskets) at P.S. 56 in the Clinton Hill neighborhood of Brooklyn. In a video published last week, The New York Times visits the school and finds swaps (baked chicken over fried chicken, wheat bread over white bread), and a salad bar and plenty of fresh fruit.

    Check out The Times's visit to P.S. 56's cafeteria, and the kids' thoughts on the healthier lunches, in the video below:

    And the corresponding NYTimes.com article here:

    "New York City a Pioneer in the School Lunch Revolution" (March 4, 2011)