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Mistakes Women Make When Working Out

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You've finally perfected that challenging workout routine, only to find you're getting less out of it as time goes on. Maybe it's time to reevaluate what you're doing -- you may discover you need to make some adjustments.

Shape Magazine got some tips from celebrity trainer and Barry's Bootcamp co-president Joey Gonzalez (the L.A.-based bootcamp is soon opening shop in New York City, by the way, according to Well + Good NYC). He says these are common mistakes women make while working out:

  • Neglecting either cardio or body sculpting. Gonzalez says strength-training is equally important as cardio for boosting metabolism.
  • Ignoring weights. Women who use weights build more muscle, and "muscle is an integral part of actually burning calories throughout the day," according to Gonzales.
  • More isn't always effective. Doing cardio for an extended period of time sends your body into a "steady state," when it begins to burn its own muscle. "[Y]ou can actualyl do more harm than good sometimes when you're going too crazy on the cardio."
  • One pace doesn't win the race. Vary the levels of exertion -- get some sprints in, for example.
  • There are no "men's" and "women's" workouts. "Women are very, very strong and resilient, and I've just been impressed over the 7 years of my career," Gonzalez told Shape.

Read more at Shape at Yahoo! Shine.

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