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Working Out to Lady Gaga's New Album

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Working Out to Lady Gaga's New Album

If you've already gotten Lady Gaga's new album, "Born This Way," you've probably been itching to work out to its fast-paced, club-ready beats. And it probably doesn't hurt to look to Gaga's own lean body and flat abs for inspiration.

Self Magazine, recognizing the new album's gym potential, has created a workout regimen based on eight of the tracks, lasting a total of 35 minutes.

Here are Self's suggestions (click here to read the specifics on the moves):

  • "Government Hooker" is best for repetitive moves, like the modified hundred.
  • "Bloody Mary" could work for yoga, in a Gothic, trance-like way.
  • "Americana" has a Latin-flavored rhythm that works best for backside exercises.
  • "Heavy Metal Lover" has a fist-pump-inspiring beat ideal for arm workouts.
  • "Bad Kids" works great for leg workouts like the leg circle and classic releve.
  • "You and I" is the perfect cool-down song.

Have you created your own workout regimen out of Lady Gaga's new album (or any other pop album)? Leave a comment and let us know!

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